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the wtf campaign

This was effectively a giant game of hide and seek. We locked a radio show in a house somewhere in the country. Listeners needed to gather clues from radio and other Edge platforms and be the  first to knock on the door and ask “is this is The Safe House?” to win.

If you couldn't physically get to the house, the first person to pin it on our online application also won when the house was found.

Using the biggest show at the time for the 30 - 44  female target, we leveraged off the star power of their guests and asked our listeners to "Tell us Who’s On Ellen", using the interview audio to bring it to life. 

If the listener guessed the celebrity correctly, they'd go into the draw to win a trip to see the Ellen Degeneres Show Live in Los Angeles.

This is just one of many eye catching outdoor campaigns we've been involved with over the years. The WTF campaign for Nova 106.9's breakfast show was not only an award winner visually but it was brought to life on-air with a cleaver mechanic asking listeners to identify the WTF we'd planted on their morning commute i.e. was that a gorilla chasing a giant banana down the motor way?.  

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