Don't miss a Marketing Opportunity?

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work for companies that invest significant amounts on marketing, either via TVC’s, out of home, digital etc., and all can be extremely effective at attracting cume, changing perceptions or building a brand.

But something that has always amazed me is how much interest is placed on the creative or message when it’s going on above the line marketing. Everyone from the Group CD, head of marketing, CEO, talent, people I didn’t even know worked in our business, suddenly appear with opinions and insight. Yet I hear show promos on-air or see Facebook posts on show pages that have literally been thrown up without any real thought, debate or strategy around them on almost every station daily!

It really struck me in a cab in Malaysia when I heard what I think was a breakfast promo. I had no idea what was being said as it was in Malay but it had the “lazy 90’s donut show promo structure”;

Show name

(Funny line from host with a laugh out)

Weekdays 6-9 plus Client Credit

While this structure isn’t necessarily terrible – I’ve even been guilty of making these style promos in the past – I can assure you they wouldn’t make it onto a TVC with a cast of thousands scrutinizing every word.

So why not place slightly more importance on your daily show promo? What are you trying to tell the audience about the characters on your show? What is your show’s point of difference? Why should I sample your show for the first time or come back to give you more TSL? Why is your show a must listen (and be specific if possible; i.e. “at 7:10 tomorrow we will XXX”)? Would it get past the cast of thousands?

The best thing is you don’t need a marketing budget to get unlimited commercials on your platforms, so make them count!